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What do you do when you want to be a rock star… but you can carry a tune about as well as you can carry an elephant?


You pick up a camera instead.

My passion for artists, particularly musicians, has always been around… I made a career of it in my 20’s, becoming the first female DJ with McFadden Ventures - a relatively large nightclub & entertainment company.


State after state, job after job, I eventually settled down with my fellow DJ, best friend,  now husband, Paul. We brought three kick-ass kids into the world and did the “normal” life thing for a while, before the entertainment industry called us home again. 


When Paul landed an announcing gig for an NHL team, we started a radio show together & photographing games for our website is when I discovered my passion.


I became enthralled with the fans and their stories, and realized I had found the medium that would allow me to become the artist I always wanted to be.


Years of searching and studying led me to this business… The people are what keep me in it. My goal is to get a deep understanding of my client’s needs and vision, while bringing my expertise to the studio, street, or stage. 


I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do this work.

With love and passion,
(615) 310-8869 |

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